Coaching Transformations

A New Take On Life

Jared Testimonial
"I wasn’t pushing myself to my limits."
"Not a cut and paste program"
"Would I recommend this program? Hell Yes!"

Take Control Of Your Life

Tyler testimonial
"Hit the goal of a 2x bodyweight Deadlift."
"Hit every single goal with Jeremy."
"I highly recommend him for any guy out there, who is looking to take control of your life."
"It's an amazing program. I couldn't recommend him more."

Getting In Incredible Shape

Jake Testimonial
"I'm getting in incredible shape"
"When I first started out I could barely able reach 10 pushups, and now I'm pushing 45 push ups"
"Jeremy helped me to instill confidence"
"I'd recommend this program to middle aged guys, like myself, that believe they are past their prime. Get with Jeremy and he'll show you it is possible to achieve your goals of strength, stamina and speed."

Lit A Fire: Lost 40lbs

Carlos Testimonial
"Very pleased with the results"
"He lit a fire underneath me"
"I was able to drop down 40lbs"

Saw Results Within The First Few Weeks

Michael Testimonial
"I had great results, I noticed results within the first few weeks"
"It was never boring, it was intense!"
"If I had any questions, he would personally reach out and send a personal video"
"He has a library of workout videos as a resource"

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